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Racists are threatening to take over paganism

An extensive look at the growing presence of White Nationalists in America's Pagan community

which 'Star wars' character you are, according to your zodiac sign

I got to write about two of my favorite things for Broadly!

The Salem Art Gallery isn't like other galleries, mostly because it's also the new home and headquarters of The Satanic Temple.

A fun piece for Vice, on the High holy day of 4/20

Indigenous women on the ongoing fight against colonialism and capitalism

I interview indigenous women on why they fight and what they fight for

I talk to Dylan Sprouse about mead and paganism. For Munchies.

The WITCH'S Sabbath: Imagining A Future Society

Transcript of a talk I gave for The Satanic Temple's lecture series.

I think critically about the witch archetype in pop culture. For Teen Vogue

The 10 things people get wrong when they get into Witchcraft. For Teen Vogue

How does 'the craft' hold up as a witchy INSTITUTION 20 years later?

It's been twenty years since 'The Craft' hit theater. It arguably changed witch-related cincema, but how does it hold up today?


Praise Liltih

A history of one of the world's most misunderstood demons

We wanted to embrace all of Salem’s beautiful witchy weirdness with all of you, so here is our roundup of the best places The Witch City has to offer.

Asc combines art, science, and alchemy to create one of a kind perfumes.

Photographer, and artist, and editor, and model, and stylist, and…is there anything Joncas can’t do, or hasn’t tried to do? It sure doesn’t seem that way.


There are those who resent Trump being called The Devil...


Looking to liven up your next communion with the dead? We’ve put together a list of Spirit Boards that are destined to impress your friends in this world, and the next.



Tarot Thursdays

Each Thursday I sit down with funny, fascinating, fantastic people for a tarot card reading and conversation. Part interview, part divinatory experience, the show is hosted on Broadly's Facebook page weekly.